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Obsolescence of electronic components

Posted on 28/10/2021
Obsolescence of electronic components

Obsolescence results in the loss of the value and usefulness of a product. This is due to the rapid evolution of our technologies. This phenomenon implicitly applies to electronic components. Indeed, the development of technologies, and therefore of various machines, means that some of their components quickly become obsolete. It therefore becomes necessary to replace them.

Obsolescence of electronic components: what is it ?

Technology is what characterizes our society the most today. The constant evolution of this technology has the direct impact of improving electronic functions and industry. However, one parameter is not always taken into account. These are the electronic components that make up these functions. The evolution of these does not keep pace, which creates a real problem. Difficult to use a machine where one of the (defective) electronic components cannot be found on the market.   
The faster the technology changes and evolves, the faster the various components become obsolete. Also, it should be noted that the planned obsolescence of various products and consumables is also an important trigger for the obsolescence of electronic components. The products are made to have a very short shelf life in order to entice consumers to buy new ones.   
In reality, these new products designed and brought to the market need better generation components. These are often smaller electronic components that consume less energy and have a longer lifespan. As a result, end-of-life electronic components are no longer manufactured, making them almost impossible to find.     

How to deal with the obsolescence of electronic components ?

The obsolescence of electronic components poses a real production problem in companies. It has therefore become urgent to find solutions. This begins with integrating the anticipation and management of obsolescence of electronic components into the management policies of companies.
The managers of these companies must therefore better monitor and manage the supply chain of the various electronic components. To do this, they need an electronic component distributor capable of finding these components as quickly as possible, which have become obsolete and therefore rare.
Planète Composants is a distributor that responds to all your concerns in this regard. We help you find your electronic components as quickly as possible and at a good price, which have become difficult, if not impossible, to find on the market. Even if the component you are looking for is no longer produced, we do everything we can to ensure that you can obtain it. At Planète Composants, whether the electronic component references are incomplete, the parent company cannot be found or there is no importer capable of supplying you, we will help you overcome the obsolescence of the electronic components of your machines.
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