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Référence: LM37102C

Régulateur de tension VLDO 1.0A haute tension boitier SOP8, SOP8-PP


 The LM37102C is 1A low-dropout linear voltage regulators that provide low-voltage, high-current output. The LM37102C offers extremely low dropout (typically 500mV at 1A). The LM37102C is adjustable regulators, SOP-8 and SOP-8PP. 
The LM37102C is ideal for PC add-in cards that need to convert from standard 5V to 3.3V, 3.3V to 2.5V or 2.5V to1.8V. A guaranteed maximum dropout voltage of 630mV overall operating conditions allows the LM37102C to provide 2.5V from a supply as low as 3.13V and 1.8V from a supply as low as 2.5V. The LM37102C is fully protected with over current limiting, thermal shutdown, and reversed-battery protection.
 - Fixed and adjustable output voltages to 1.24V 
- Stable with MLCC and Ceramic Capacitors 
- 500mV typical dropout at 1A 
- Ideal for 3.0V to 2.5V conversion 
- Ideal for 2.5V to 1.8V or 1.5V conversion 
- 1A minimum guaranteed output current 
- 1% initial accuracy 
- Low ground current 
- Current limiting and thermal shutdown 
- Reversed-battery protection 
- Reversed-leakage protection 
- Fast transient response 
- Moisture Sensitivity Level 3


Les regulateurs de marque HTC Korea sont fabriqués en corée du sud et sont d'une qualité irréprochable. Ils seront tout a fait adaptés pour vos applications.