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Référence: TJ5205

Régulateur LDO 150mA faible bruit et haut PSRR boitier 
SOT-23-5L, SOP8, SOP8-PP 


 The TJ5205 is an efficient linear voltage regulator with ultralow-noise output, very low dropout voltage (typically 17mV at light loads and 165mV at 150mA), and very low ground current (600µA at 100mA output). The TJ5205 offers better than 1% initial accuracy. Designed especially for hand-held, battery-powered devices, the TJ5205 includes a CMOS or TTL compatible enable/shutdown control input. When shutdown, power consumption drops nearly to zero. 
Regulator ground current increases only slightly in dropout, further prolonging battery life. 
Key TJ5205 features include a reference bypass pin to improve its already excellent low-noise performance, reversed-battery protection, current limiting, and overtemperature shutdown. The TJ5205 is available in fixed and adjustable output voltage versions in a small SOT-23-5 package.
 - Ultra-low-noise output 
- High output voltage accuracy 
- Guaranteed 150mA output 
- Low quiescent current 
- Low dropout voltage 
- Extremely tight load and line regulation 
- Very low temperature coefficient 
- Current and thermal limiting 
- Reverse-battery protection 
- Zero off-mode current 
- Logic-controlled electronic enable 
- Moisture Sensitivity Level 3


Les regulateurs de marque HTC Korea sont fabriqués en corée du sud et sont d'une qualité irréprochable. Ils seront tout a fait adaptés pour vos applications.