G-US.120 Ultra fast SMD humidity sensor low temperature

G-US.120 Ultra fast SMD humidity sensor low temperature

Ultra fast SMD humidity sensor low temperature high speed (0.1 second) 8x9mm

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This SMD humidity sensor is distinguished by a passive or active substrate on which the humidity cell is created in situ, without any connection wires, in opposition to a sensitive « chip » connected to a receiver by miniature electrical links.

This original design allows a high reliability and faithful features, because no uncertainties due to
connection elements will modify accuracy and response time.



  • Low size 8x9x1mm
  • Low cost version
  • Ultra fast response time (0.1 s)
  • Connected by conductive glue
  • Utterly interchangeable without recalibration
  • Defined accuracy from 1 % RH to 99 % RH
  • Instant desaturation after long time condensation
  • Suitable to automatic assemblings
  • No package, allowing a very short response time and a
    reduction of surface pollution problems
  • External electrode connected to electrical ground, banishing
    any influence of leakage currents in comparison with electrical
    0 (electrical and mechanical screening)
  • Operating range of temperatures from -90°C to +120°C

Applications :

  • Meteo probes
  • Moistening and dehumidification
  • Airlocks control
  • Greenhouse

Capteur d'humidité GUS120

Ultra fast humidity sensor G-US.120